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Postdoctoral Research Fellow Recruitment

in Shenzhen University (Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center of Base Station Antennas and Propagation, and Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Antennas and Propagation)

Due to research demands, we are recruiting postdoctoral research fellows for up to 8 openings in the areas of mobile communication and antenna in Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center of Base Station Antennas and Propagation and Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Antennas and Propagation.

1.Research Areas:

1Physical-layer or cross-layer design for mobile communications (4 openings)

2Antenna design and optimization (4 openings)

2.Position start date: Available immediately

3.Position deadline: Open until fully filled

4.Salary and Benefits for Employment:

4.1  Employment duration is for two years and extendable to three years. Wages and allowances: above RMB270K/ year (after tax). Include RMB 150K/year from Shenzhen University, RMB 120K/year from City of Shenzhen, and bonus based on research performance.

4.2  RMB 2k/month (for two years) for postdoctoral research fellows who are less than 33 years old and within 1 year after PhD graduation if you got PhD degree from the first 200 Universities in Times Higher Education World University Rankings, or you have three journal publications at (above) JCR 2th level.

4.3  Qualified to apply research funding from the Country, the Province, and the City during employment duration.

4.4  Research start-up funds of RMB 300K according to relevant regulations of the Shenzhen Government, if the researchers will continue to work in Shenzhen after the postdoctoral research period. Also, award of RMB 1600 k can be applied based on the relevant regulations of the Shenzhen Government.


5.Work method:

Mainly do research in Shenzhen University, withopportunities to visit USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and so on, for research.


(1) PhD graduates (including spring or autumn graduates); Overseas study or work experience is preferred;

(2) Have published high quality research papers in the international journals during the PhD study.

(3) Strong research background in mobile communications and antenna.

(4) Good health, honest, with a strong responsibility and teamwork spirit.

(5) Full time for Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

7.Introduction for Supervisor

Prof. Yejun He works in School of Information Technology in Shenzhen University as PhD supervisor and full professor. He is elected as excellent scholar in Shenzhen University and IET fellow. He is the director of Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center of Base Station Antennas and Propagation, and Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Antennas and Propagation. As a visiting professor, he visited University of Waterloo in Canada and Georgia Institute of Technology in USA. Prof. Yejun He is a member of review commit for funding applications in NSFC and Ministry of Science and Technology. For more information, please see http://cie.szu.edu.cn/heyejun and http://cie.szu.edu.cn/antennas

8.Application materials:

1)Resume or CV

2)Certified copy of PhD degree certificate

3)Copies of representative publications in the past five years

4)Recommendation letters

9.If interested, please contact:

Professor Yejun He, College of Information Engineering, Shenzhen University, China


Tel: +86-0755-22673386(O)+86-0755-22673865(O)

Address: Room N714, College of Information Engineering Building, Shenzhen University, No. 3688 Nanhai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.